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Welcome Guest 30 March 2017

Consultancy and Dispute Resolution

Belinda offers consultancy and dispute resolution services, whenever she is not presenting training courses, and this can often be done remotely, given the technological options for communication...

If she comes to you for consultancy, or dispute resolution, she will charge you half rates for the travel time, other than in exceptional circumstances.

Belinda charges by the hour for these services - less than a formal lawyer would charge, but enough to reflect 15 years' of thinking about the issues in an era when the case law has just kept on coming.

Belinda will be happy to negotiate an affordable fee with you depending on whether you are an individual, a not for profit organisation, a commercial organisation, or a public body. Doing this allows her to do some pro bono work for people who really cannot get help from anywhere else, so please be straight with her, if you are talking about money.

She has to charge VAT on her fees.