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Welcome Guest 30 March 2017

This demonstration area of the site focuses on those parts which are accessible to visitors only after a subscription has been paid and a password arranged - on the assumption that since the other bits come free, anyone interested in them will have a look at those pages at their convenience, because they have nothing to lose.

For example, the free Search facility in the Care and Health Law database enables you to search for (and view or print) summaries of reported cases, excerpts from legislation and guidance and basic information, topic by topic, about everyday health and social care issues, without even registering.

So doing a search will tell you if the subject you are interested in is covered in the database, and whether there are specific questions, to which there is an 'answer' or analysis in the subscription-protected part of the database, mentioning that subject.

The only subscription service within the site is the QandA section of the Care and Health Law database (i.e the Questions database).

Click on the icon below, for a demonstration of this facility: