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Welcome Guest 30 March 2017


Any visitor to the Site can choose up to 10 separate issues for receiving news of developments in the legal and policy fields in that area.

We have pre-selected major topics from the Care and Health Law database index so that we can be sure that we are channelling the news as effectively as possible, but if you have a special request, please contact us by email here.

This service is free, and does not depend on registering for access to the Care and Health Law database. The only thing we expect, in return for the service, is that you accept receipt, via your email address, of What's New e-mails about changes and additions to this site, and occasional emails from Care and Health about courses, conferences or services related to topics you have chosen, from the Site proprietor or other trusted providers. The User Agreement (viewable by link at the bottom of this page) makes your acceptance a term of this service, so that we can be seen to comply with the law about on-line marketing....