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Action for Advocacy

“The central point of information on independent advocacy” in England and Wales

Advocacy Resource Exchange (ARX)

“Supporting the provision of a choice of advocacy models to a broad range of disabled and/or disadvantaged people in order to secure their Human and Civil Rights”

Latest Advocacy News

From Action for Advocacy


“Information, advice, advocacy and legal representation to children, young people and vulnerable adults”

Older People's Advocacy Alliance (OPAAL UK)

“The only national UK membership based organisation supporting, promoting and developing the provision of independent advocacy services for older people”

Staying Strong: taking self-advocacy into the future

National Forum of people with learning difficulties/Department of Health 2011

UK Advocacy Network

“The user controlled national federation of advocacy projects, patients' councils, user forums and self-help and support groups working in the field of mental health”



Assessment Directions 2004

Department of Health - Social Care Assessments must be conducted in accordance with these directions

Assessment for NHS-funded Nursing care

Alzheimer's Society Factsheet (website)

Carers Assessments

NHS Choices website

Crossing the threshold: The implications of the Dilnot Commission and Law Commission reports for eligibility and assessment in care and support

SCIE Report 2012

Preparing for a social care assessment

RNIB factsheet

Single Assessment Process (SAP)

Department of Health, guidance and resources 2007

Social Care: Assessments of Need for Adults with Autism

National Autistic Society website

Updates to Single Assessment Process (SAP)

Centre for Policy on Ageing, 2010

Benefits/disability payments


Attendance Allowance

Information from direct.gov.uk

Disability Living Allowance

Information from direct.gov.uk

Disability Rights UK

Benefits advice and information services

Disabled Facilities Grants

Information from direct.gov.uk

Housing Benefit

Information from direct.gov.uk

Incapacity Benefit

Information from direct.gov.uk for those still in receipt of the now discontinued Incapacity Benefit

Income Support

Information from direct.gov.uk

Independent Living Fund

Information from direct.gov.uk for those in receipt of money from the Independent Living Fund (ILF). The ILF is now closed to new applicants.

Independent Living Fund (DWP)

Web pages for the Independent Living Fund

Personal Independence Payment

Information from direct.gov.uk on the Personal Independence Payment which is being introduced to replace Disability Living Allowance from April 2013

Care Databases


Better Caring

Nursing and residential care homes


Care homes, products and services links

Disability Archive UK

Hosted by the University of Leeds Centre for Disability Studies

Independent Living

Business website featuring subscribing companies products and services

NCB Information Centre

A comprehensive and multi-disciplinary collection of resources on children and young people

NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Statistics and Data


More than 21 million citations for biomedical literature - US website

Social Care Online

SCIE: the UK's largest database of information and research on all aspects of social care and social work. Updated daily resources include legislation, government documents, practice and guidance, systematic reviews, research briefings, reports, journal articles and websites.

The Care Directory

Nursing and Care Homes and associated information and advice

The Nursing Homes Directory

Nursing homes, care homes, care agencies, nursing agencies

Care Homes


Care Homes Directory

Care Directory is a leading directory specialized in providing information about care homes, nursing homes, and domiciliary care agencies in UK. We have more than 20000 business listed in our website.


We are a group of nursing homes located in Shropshire, Cheshire and the Wirral. We aim to provide outstanding care for the elderly.

Care Services for People from Abroad


Asylum Support: Health

UK Borders Agency information

Failed asylum seekers and ordinary/lawful residence; and when to provide treatment for those who are chargeable

Department of Health 2009

Good practice in social care for refugees and asylum seekers

SCIE 2010

Guidance on providing NHS treatment for asylum-seekers and refugees

Department of Health website

NHS Charges for people from abroad

Citizen's Advice Bureau

Section 4 Asylum Support

UK Borders Agency information - Short-term support for unsuccessful asylum applicants who meet specific conditions



Cromwell Medical Staffing

Cromwell medical staffing are a specialist medical recruitment company.Passionate about maintaining a happy and confident workforce. Works with both NHS and Private

Labmed Nursing Recruitment

Labmed cover all disciplines within Nursing, including Nurse Practitioner, Staff Nurse, RMN and Ward Sister jobs vacancies.



Carers Direct

Information, advice and support for carers (NHS Choices website)

Carers Trust

[formerly Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads]

Carers UK

Information and advice, practical and emotional support to carers

National Fostering Agency

The NFA is one of the most experienced and long established independent fostering agencies in the UK. Call us or Register Online to become a foster carer today.

Trusted Care

Trusted Care is a comprehensive portal of checked, registered and reviewed care providers in the UK.


Carers Trust Young Carers website

Charging for Services

Children and Young Adults


A transition guide for all services

Department of Health/Department of Children, Schools and Families 2007

Children and Family services

Legal Services Commission website

Children in poverty

Guardian website

Children Leaving Care Research and Resources


Children: latest news

Guardian Newspaper Links and Articles

Contact a Family

UK-wide charity providing advice, information and support to the parents of all disabled children

Getting it right for children and young people: Overcoming cultural barriers in the NHS so as to meet their needs

Department of Health 2010

LAC (2003)13: Guidance on accommodating children in need and their families

Department of Health


The online child protection resource

Preparing for Adulthood

A partnership which brings together a wide range of expertise and experience of working with young people and families at a local and national level and across government, to support young people into adulthood with paid employment, good health, independent living, community inclusion.

Providing support for 'children in need': Section 17 of the Children Act 1989

Women's Aid website

The Child Protection System in the UK

Child protection factsheet - NSPCCinform: the online child protection resource

Transition from Children's to adult services

Department of Health guidance and resources

Transition Information Network

Information about the transition process that is useful to professionals and parents/carers. There is also a section for young people with information, news and events.



Advance decision to refuse treatment/living will

NHS Choices - A decision you can make now to refuse a specific type of treatment at some time in the future

Advance statement about your wishes

NHS Choices - An advance statement can cover any aspect of your future health or social care

Choice of accommodation

Age UK factsheet for local council funded care

LAC (2004)20: Guidance on National Assistance Act 1948 (Choice of Accommodation) Directions 1992 and National Assistance (Residential Accommodation) (Additional Payments and Assessment Of Resources) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2001

Department of Health 2004

The National Assistance (Residential Accommodation) (Additional Payments and Assessment of Resources) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2001

Make provision for third party top-ups

Your rights to choice in the NHS

NHS Choices website



Guide for commissioners on end of life care for adults

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011

New Directions Affecting PCTs

New directions have been published which affect which is the right PCT to be paying for long term care out of area, when it either places out of area or makes an arrangement to pay for at least the accommodation, nursing and some other service for a person out of area.

Securing best value for NHS patients

Consultation (till October 26th 2012) on proposals for regulations to protect patients’ interests by ensuring that commissioners always deliver best value

The Health and Social Care System from April 2013

Department of Health - includes downloadable graphic representation.

Who pays? Establishing the responsible commissioner

Department of Health, last updated 2010 - Guidance on who pays for a patient's care in the NHS

Complaints and Remedies


Notes for guidance on applying for judicial review

Administrative Court

Pre-action protocol for Judicial Review

Ministry of Justice (website)

The National Health Service (Complaints) Amendment Regulations 2006


What is Judicial Review?

Equality and Human Rights Commission (website)


Data Protection in Health and Social Care


Code of Practice on Openness in the NHS

Sets out the basic principles underlying public access to information about the NHS.

Common Assessment Framework for Adults

Learning from the 3 year health and social care information sharing programme 2008-11

Data Protection Act: responsibilities and obligations

Information Commissioner's Office (website)

Freedom of Information Act


How do I access my medical records (health records)?

NHS Choices (website)

Information Commissioner's Office: Guidance for Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Information Commissioner's Office (website)

Information Commissioner's Office: Guidance for Local Authorities

Information Commissioner's Office (website)

Information Commissioner's Office: Health Guidance

Information Commissioner's Office (website)

National Information Governance Board (NIGB)

The independent statutory body to promote and monitor information governance in health and adult social care

NHS Care Record Guarantee for England

Sets out the rules that govern how patient information is used in the NHS and what control the patient can have over this

NHS Code of Practice: Confidentiality

DH 2003 and Supplementary Guidance 2010

NHS Direct Confidentiality Policy

NHS Direct 2010

NHS Summary Care Record

Your emergency care summary (website)

Requesting amendments to health and social care records

NIGB Guidance for patients, service users and professionals

Section 251 of the NHS Act 2006

Allows limited access to specific information for e.g. research purposes where consent is not practicable

Social Care Record Guarantee

Sets out the rules that govern how service user information is used within both Adults and Children's Social Care Services and what control individuals can have over this

The power of information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need.

Department of Health Information Strategy, 2012

Your health information, confidentiality and the NHS Care Records Service

“Answers to your questions”

Deprivation of Liberty


Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions

Together Positive and Proactive Care and A Positive and Proactive workforce provide a framework to radically transform culture, leadership and professional practice to deliver care and support which keeps people safe, and promotes recovery.



Disability and the Equality Act 2010

Direct.gov (website)

Disability Law Service

Run by and for disabled people

Equality Act 2010

Home Office (website)

Equality and Diversity

Department of Health (website)

Equality and Human Rights Commission


Eligibility Criteria for Social Care

End of life

Financial Protection Powers

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales


Care Council for Wales

The regulator for the social care profession in Wales

Care Inspectorate

The independent scrutiny and improvement body for care and children’s services in Scotland

Children in Scotland

The national agency for voluntary, statutory and professional organisations and individuals working with children and their families in Scotland

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland

The official gateway for Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland

Health and Social Care in Scotland

The Scottish Government

Health and Social Care in Wales

Welsh Government

Medicine Administration Records (MAR) Guidance

(Scotland) A common issue identified by SCSWIS during inspections or complaints activity is poor and ambiguous medication recording. This document shows common sense guidance on medication recording and care plans. It gives the opportunity for care services to review their medication policies and procedures to ensure they cover all legal requirements and best practice relating to medication recording, reviews, monitoring and care planning.

Scottish Social Services Council

Responsible for registering people who work in social services and regulating their education and training

Health and Social Care Reform


Adult Social Care

Law Commission report 2011

Reforming care and support – better quality care, peace of mind and promoting independence

White paper published July 2012

Reforming the law for adult care and support

Government response to the Law Commission report on adult social care

Social Care Reform

Latest news from the DH



End of Life Care for Adults

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Quality Standard 2011

End of Life Care Strategy - promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of life

Department of Health 2008

Guidance for staff responsible for care after death (last offices)

NHS End of Life Care Programme 2011

Guidance on the time limits applicable from April 2012 for requests on review of eligibility decisions for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Department of Health - Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions documents

NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing

AgeUK factsheets (website)

NHS Continuing healthcare practice guidance

Department of Health 2010

NHS continuing healthcare: Continuing care redress

Department of Health guidance to PCTs 2007

NHS Responsibilities

The Disability Law Service

The Delayed Discharges (Continuing Care) Directions 2009

Department of Health

The national framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care - July 2009 (revised)

Department of Health

Transforming Community Services

Department of Health (website)

Transforming Community Services: Demonstrating and Measuring Achievement: Community Indicators for Quality Improvement

Department of Health 2011

Treatment and care towards the end of life: good practice in decision making

General Medical Council 2010 - Guidance for Doctors

What is continuing Health Care?

NHS Choices (website)



Homeless people's rights


Homelessness Code of Guidance for Local Authorities

Department of Communities and Local Government 2006

Homelessness Code of Guidance for Local Authorities: Supplementary Guidance on Intentional Homelessness

Department of Communities and Local Government 2009

Human Rights and Health and Social Care


News and Updates on the Public Sector Equality Duty

Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Public Sector Equality Duty

Home Office website

Identification and management of risk


Enabling risk, ensuring safety: self-directed support and personal budgets

SCIE 2010

Independence, choice and risk: a guide to best practice in supported decision-making

Department of Health 2007

Patient Safety: Risk Assessment and Management

National Patient Safety Agency website - an arm's length body of the Department of Health

Risk Assessment (workforce risks)

SCIE workforce resources page

Internet discussion sites


Foundation for People With Learning Disabilities

Online Forums and Networks

The Small Places

Lucy Series' blog with special focus on rights and capacity

UK Human Rights Blog

One Crown Row Barristers' Chambers


"An electronic interface for social work academics, students and practitioners in the UK to discuss topics of shared interest."

Joint Working


Intermediate Care - Halfway Home

Department of Health 2009 - Updated Best Practice Guidance for the NHS and Local Authorities

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and joint health and wellbeing strategies explained

Department of Health 2011

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Guidance

Department of Health

NHS Act 2006 partnership arrangements

Department of Health - summary: Section 75, Section 76, Section 256

Ready to go? Planning the discharge and the transfer of patients from hospital and intermediate care

Department of Health 2010

Reducing patient handover delays from ambulances to hospitals

Department of Health 2012 - letters and circulars

Short Stay Intermediate Care services in a range of Housing and Care Settings

Housing Learning and Improvement Network 2009

The Health and Social Care Act 2012


The Health and Social Care Act explained

Department of Health - factsheets, 2012

The route to success in end of life care – achieving quality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

Department of Health National End of Life Care Programme 2012

Journals and Media


Critical Social Work

Bi-annual, peer-reviewed, open access online journal

Every Social Care link you'll ever need

Society Guardian

The Guardian Social Care Network

The Guardian Social Care Network: includes hubs for Adults, Children, Policy, Personalisation, Practice...

Tizard Learning Disability Review

The journal bridges the experience of managers, practitioners, academics, users and carers to establish a constructive dialogue between different perspectives.

Learning Disability


Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Website - 'a carer-led National charity specialising in challenging behaviour associated with severe learning disabilities'

CHANGE 'People with learning disabilities working for equal rights'

A leading national equal rights organisation led by disabled people, promoting equal rights for all people with learning disabilities.

Foundation for People With Learning Disabilities


Learning Disabilities

Department of Health latest information


Website: 'the voice of learning disability'

Valuing people now: a new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities 2009-2012

Department of Health

Mental Capacity

Mental Health Law and practice


Aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act

Mind website

Approved mental health professional regulations

Department of Health 2008

Effective care co-ordination in mental health services: modernising the care programme approach - A policy booklet

Department of Health 1999

Independent Mental Health Advocacy: Effective practice guide

National Mental Health Development Unit 2009

Independent Mental Health Advocacy: Guidance for Commissioners

National Institute for Mental Health in England 2008

Independent mental health advocates: supplementary guidance on access to patient records under section 130B of the Mental Health Act 1983

Department of Health 2009

Mental Health Act 1983

Current and complete version of the Mental Health Act (incorporating MHA 2007 amendments)

Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets

Department of Health: the leaflets provide written information to patients subject to detention and other compulsory measures under the Act (admission; detention; power to detain; interim hospital order; remand to hospital; appeal; transfer; restrictions; guardianship; supervised community treatment; ECT; right to complain; nearest relative)

Mental Health Act 1983 Revised Code of Practice

Department of Health 2008

Mental Health Act 2007

Department of Health - summary of amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983

Mental Health Tribunal guidance

Ministry of Justice

Mental Health Tribunal Rules, Practice Direction and guidance

Mental Health Law Online

National Forum for Assertive Outreach

NFAO website

Nearest Relative

Rethink Factsheet 2011 (includes rights of and removal/displacing of nearest relative)

No health without mental health - implementation framework

Department of Health 2012

No health without mental health: a cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages

Department of Health 2011

Refocusing the Care Programme Approach: Policy and Positive Practice Guidance

Department of Health 2008

Section 117 Aftercare

Rethink Factsheet 2012

Supervised Community Treatment

from Mind Rights Guide 6: Community Care and Aftercare

Visits by children to special hospitals

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board guidance, citing relevant legislation

Older People


Age UK

The Age UK Group works to improve later life for everyone by providing life-enhancing services and vital support.


Centre for Policy on Ageing

Developing Services for Minority Ethnic Older People:The Audit Tool

Practice guidance for councils with social services responsibilities

Long-term care

Guardian website

Older People

All the latest news from the Department of Health that relates to older people

Policy for Older People

Department of Health 2010

Therapy Directory

We promote the benefits of complementary therapy and aim to give visitors all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about whether therapy would be right for them. The website has an FAQ's section, a number of useful articles written by our members and the facility to search for a practitioner in your area. To ensure the professionalism of our website, all listed therapists have provided us with qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a profes

Ordinary Residence

Other Websites


British Agencies for Fostering and Adoption

British Association of Social Workers

Centre for Mental Health

To help to create a society in which people with mental health problems enjoy equal chances in life to those without.

International Federation of Social Workers

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

National Children's Bureau

"Working with children, for children"

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Reports on evidence based appraisals of new treatments. From April 2013, the role of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) will expand to include social care.

NHS Evidence

NHS Evidence is a service that provides fast access to authoritative health and social care evidence and best practice through a web-based portal. In one place, you can simultaneously search over 250,000 resources from hundreds of trustworthy and accredited sources including The Cochrane Library, NICE and Royal Colleges.

Social Care Association

We promote good practice in social care, developing ideas from practitioners about how they do their job and where it works best. We share these ideas in the practice guides that are available to members

The most useful websites for the health sector

The most useful websites for the voluntary sector

Tizard Centre

The Tizard Centre is one of the leading UK academic groups working in learning disability and community care.

UK Legislation

The official home of UK legislation

UK Parliament


World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers

To help social service professionals throughout the world conveniently maintain an awareness of news regarding the profession and emerging scholarship.



Carers and Personalisation: Improving Outcomes

Department of Health 2010

Enabling risk, ensuring safety - self-directed support and personal budgets

TLAP 2011

in Control

Our mission is to create a fairer society where everyone needing additional support has the right, responsibility and freedom to control that support.

JUDGMENT: R (on the application of KM) (by his mother and litigation friend JM) (FC) (Appellant) v Cambridgeshire County Council (Respondent)

The Supreme Court 2012 - Resource allocation: the council must demonstrate how a person's eligible needs can be met with the budget that is awarded.

Making Resource Allocation work in a Financial Environment: good practice for personalised financial resource allocation

ADASS 2010

Personal Health Budgets for Continuing Healthcare

Report describing the 10 features an effective process for personal health budgets for continuing healthcare

Personal Health Budgets Learning Network

Information on the personal health budget pilots and the proposed 'roll out' of personal budgets

Personalisation and the Law

ADASS 2009

Practical Approaches to Personalisation and Safeguarding

TLAP 2011

Right to Control

The Right to Control is a new legal right for disabled people being tested in 7 areas in England. It gives disabled people more choice and control over the support they need to go about their daily lives.

Supreme Court rejects charities' interpretation of care ruling

Community Care, May 2012 - Comment on Supreme Court Judgement “R (on the application of KM)...” (Resource Allocation Systems)

Think Local, Act Personal

The sector-wide partnership for transforming adult social care




The Association of Directors of Adult Social Care

Care Quality Commission

The independent regulator of all health and social care services in England

Care Standards Legislation

legislation.gov.uk (website)

Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence/Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

Oversee the regulation of Health and (from 2012) Social Care professionals

Government Standards for Health and Social Care services

Care Quality Commission (website)

Monitor: Regulatory Functions

The sector regulator for healthcare organisations (website)


Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills

Standards of proficiency for social workers in England

Standards effective from 1st of August 2012, when the regulation of social workers transfers from the General Social Care Council to the newly renamed Health and Care Professions Council.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults/ Adult Protection


Abolition of Vetting and Barring scheme and changes to CRB/ISA

Frequently Asked Questions following the Criminal Records Regime and Vetting and Barring Scheme Reviews

Carers and Safeguarding Adults

ADASS report June 2011

Criminal Records Bureau - information for employers

Located on Business Link website

Criminal Records Bureau - information on SRB checks for applicants

Information for applicants starting a new job

eLearning: Managing risk, minimising restraint: Challenges, dilemmas and positive approaches for working with older people in care homes

SCIE eLearning resources

Office of the Public Guardian

Public Guardianship Office's website covering its services, values, fees etc.

Safeguarding adults at risk of harm: a Legal guide for practitioners

SCIE 2010

Safeguarding Adults Key Documents

from ADASS

Safeguarding Adults: The role of Health service practitioners

Department of Health Best Practice Guidance 2011

Winterbourne View Hospital: A Serious Case Review

Commissioned by South Gloucestershire’s multi-agency Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB), the Review details serious and sustained failings in the management procedures of the provider, and identifies where other organisations’ systems and procedures fell short in commissioning patient care, and in reviewing and safeguarding the wellbeing of patients before and during their stay. It calls for greater investment in community-based care in order to reduce the need for in-patient admissions at assess

Winterbourne View: CQC Internal management review

Care Quality Commission Report on its own role and failings. Plus comment and resources for families

Select Healthcare Group


Select Healthcare Group have a wide array of specialized centres and also care workers to suit every requirement of your nearest and dearest.

Select Healthcare Group have a wide array of specialized centres and also care workers to suit every requirement of your nearest and dearest.

Staff issues


Guidance on Bullying and Harassment

NHS Employers website

Liberating the NHS: Developing the Healthcare workforce - From Design to Delivery

Department of Health 2012

NHS and social care whistleblowing helpline

Free advice for NHS and Social Care Staff

Skills for Care

Helping social care employers to improve their workforce

Skills for Health

Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council for health. We help the whole UK health sector develop a more skilled and flexible workforce.

Social Care Workforce

Latest news from the Department of Health

Supporting Personal Assistants working in Adult Social Care

Department of Health