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Training and Webinars

NB. We need to call your attention to its being a term of Care and Health Law's training services that you must be willing to receive occasional e-mails from us after the service has been provided, telling you about other products and services of this company and trusted others. We promise you will not be unreasonably bombarded with them. You will be given an opt-out opportunity, whenever we send them, as the law requires. 


Belinda's forthcoming Wednesday Webinars Monthly Series

The prices, logistics, scope, menu and T's and C's - click here: Belinda's Wednesday Webinars details

Here is the recording from the live webinar that Belinda did for Community Care on 2nd March - this one was free, but the forthcoming ones are very affordable! Webinar Recording

As of 21st March, it is possible for individuals, organisations (councils, universities and businesses for example) and smaller organisations (and not for profit bodies) to buy these webinars online and pay by card, in the Webinars Shop on www.SchwehrOnCARE.co.uk. 

Alternatively if you MUST have an invoice, you can click here for a Webinars Order Form, fill it out in advance, email it to Debbie@careandhealthlaw.com and she will send you an invoice and upload you to the system manually. 


Care Act training - now it's in force!

Now that the Act is in force for new customers, we are interested in meeting your organisation's ongoing training needs for specialist Care Act interface topics:


These are our specialist legal framework courses, either 1 day long or half day, for the rest of 2016

Of course, we also offer standard assessment, eligibility (1 day) + care planning, budgets and review training (1 day) - but you might have had enough of them, at this point!

  • Defensible decision-making and management of legal risk (can be tailored to cover operational or strategic issues, or a mixture of both – best suited to senior or middle management FIRST before the operational teams are included)
  • Care Act for Mental Health Trust staff
  • Health and Social Care interface – hospital discharge, continuing nhs health care and community services
  • Contracting and Commissioning
  • Ordinary Residence and Continuity (can cover the more complex s117 rules as well)
  • Specialist care planning: Direct Payments and Choice Rules
  • Specialist Safeguarding: Triggers for enquiries, relations with others caused to make an enquiry, and what can and cannot be done by way of solutions; specialist issues such as self neglect, domestic violence and vulnerability. IF YOU ARE LOOKING IN EARLY 2016 try this link for an event at which Belinda is presenting in London Safeguarding Adults in Residential Settings: Promoting compassionate cultures in care homes, hospitals and supported living environments for older people or adults with learning disabilities
  • Carers’ rights under the Care Act
  • Provider Focus
  • Care Act and Prisons
  • Care Act and Occupational Therapy
  • Autism and the Care Act
  • Housing and Social Care interface – for both types of staff
  • Care Act training for advocacy organisations undertaking independent advocacy - if you are looking here in early 2016, try this link for a course in April from Belinda in collaboration with Kate Mercer, for individual advocates from all over the country http://www.katemercer-training.com/advocacy-under-the-care-act/    and  http://www.careandhealthlaw.com/Download/Pubs/Belinda%20Schwehr%205%20April.pdf


Care and Health Law's courses run by Belinda's national team of Care Act trainers work well for groups of up to 35 for £850 plus (half day course) or £1150 (full day) in 2016, (inclusive of travel etc but ex VAT). Belinda costs a bit more.


All training is delivered by the Care and Health Law Training Team, made up of experienced trainers, social work practitioners and legally qualified members, depending on topic, under Belinda's supervision and ongoing professional updating.


Clicking on any of the further documents below may help you think about what you want to commission for all sorts of staff and stakeholders, but emailing Belinda is also an option on belinda@careandhealthlaw.com


Care and Health Law’s ethos, purpose and experience

Care and Health Law’s Quality Assurance Policy incorporating NSA standards

The standards mapping documents (PCF)

The standards mapping document (Care Certificate)

The standards mapping document (TCSW)

Care and Health Law’s Code of Conduct for Trainers

Community Care Live Presentation on the need for Legal Literacy for the Care Act

Recent Management Feedback

Team Coverage